Cooper Moving

Memphis Area Moving

Cooper Moving provides local moving services for Memphis, Cordova, Olive Branch, Germantown, Bartlett, Arlington, Southaven, Collierville, Lakeland, Millington and West Memphis. We will help you do as much or as little as you need for your local move. We can provide packing services prior to your move and move everything, or we can just move the larger pieces of furniture. We disassemble and reasemble typical household and office furniture and we will relocate each piece from its current location to its new place at the new address.

How We Charge

Local moving services are provided at an hourly rate with a service fee. Our hourly rates apply from the time our crew arrives at your current address until everything is situated to your satisfaction at your new location. There is a two hour minimum charge. After two hours, a partial hour is prorated. Our hourly rates are based on the size of the crew scheduled for your move. There are no additional charges beyond the hourly rate and service fee for relocating furnishings in the Memphis area. For packing services we also charge by the hour with a service fee.

Scheduling Your Move

Most local moves are scheduled for the morning, Monday through Saturday. Small moves and deliveries can also be scheduled for the afternoon. While most moves are completed in one day, some large residential and commercial relocations require more than one day to complete. We recommend that you schedule your move as soon as you have a move date. A week to two weeks out is sufficient for scheduling most moves. If you cannot be flexible with your move date schedule at least two weeks ahead of the move date.

Long Distance Moving

Cooper Moving moves residences throughout the south and the mid-west and we are licensed to move across the contintental United States. We offer the same type of dissasembly and set up services for long distance relocations as we do for moves in the Memphis area. We can pack your home prior to your long distance move if you do not choose to pack your own boxes. Once your residence has been packed and loaded on our trucks for the move, the crew that packs and loads you locally will unload and put furnishings in place at the new address.

Guaranteed Pricing

If you are moving long distance from the Memphis Area we will be happy to perform an on-site survey and then give you a price for your move. We offer guaranteed flat rate pricing for long distance moves. We can give you a price for your long distance relocation and we can provide a separate flat rate price for packing your home.

Loading & Delivery

Most long distance moves require more than one day to complete. When scheduling your move be prepared to schedule two or more dates for your relocation. Packing service typically require an additional date prior to the load date. Schedule your move as soon as possible, even if the date is tentative. If you are not ready to move into your new location right away, we can be flexible with the delivery date.

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